Leviton 125A 120/240V 20 Circuit 20 Spaces Outdoor Load Center Enclosure and Interior with Main Breaker, Model LR212-BDC*


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The Leviton Outdoor Load Center is easy to install and weather resistant. It features a gray enclosure and a solid cover housing white circuit breakers. Hydraulic-Magnetic Trip Technology allows circuit breakers to operate as intended over a wide range of temperature extremes, -40¡C to 70¡C, without re-rating. These Load centers are free of excess wires and pigtails, allowing easy access during installation and for inspectors to check torque. With many advantages these new modern, aesthetically pleasing units are the smarter solution for your homes electrical management hub.

****For security reasons, we cannot accept returns onÊload centers.


  • Terminate all hot and neutral wires at custom lugs in the panel, not at the circuit breaker*
  • The entire panel can be wired at rough-in without circuit breakers installed
  • At final installation, simply plug-on the circuit breaker No pigtails on circuit breakers
  • Copper bus is standard
  • Leviton GFCI, AFCI and Dual Function circuit breakers feature our patented reset lockout and will not reset if ground- or arc-fault protection is compromised
  • Intuitive LEDs help communicate trip condition and type of fault (AF/GF) and remain illuminated even when the circuit breaker is in the tripped state
*For applications up to 60A when using copper wire; or 50A when usingÊaluminum wire

Technical Information

Product Features
Warranty:Ê10-Year Limited

Electrical Specifications
Amperage:Ê125 A
Short Circuit Current Rating:Ê22 KA
Spaces / Circuits:Ê20 / 20
Type of Load Center:ÊMain Breaker
Voltage:Ê120/240 VAC

Mechanical Specifications
Busbar Material:ÊCopper, Bright Tin-Plated
Busbar Rating:Ê225A
Dimensions:Ê30" H x 15" W x 4.4" D
Enclosure Material:ÊGalvanized Steel, Gray Baked Enamel
Ground Connection:Ê4 AWG - 2/0 AWG Cu/Al
Supply Connections:Ê3 AWG - 300 MCM Cu/Al
Weight:Ê42.75 lbs.

Environmental Specifications
NEMA Enclosure Type:ÊNEMA 1 Indoor
Operating Temperature:Ê-40¡C to 70¡C

Standards & Certifications
UL 50:ÊYes
UL 50E:ÊYes
UL 67:ÊYes
UL 869A:ÊYes


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