Advanced Acrylic Multi-Surface Primer TechPrime A - 3.5 gal

Sale price$189.66 CAD


TechPrime A is an advanced acrylic primer and sealer that prepares surfaces for the application of an appropriate CustomTech self-leveling underlayment. It seals porous and non-porous surfaces and improves the bond of the underlayment to the subsurface.

  • Solvent Free; VOC and SCQAMD Compliant
  • Prepares Surface for Application of Self-Leveling Underlayments
  • Use on porous and non-porous substrates; one product for all your primer needs
  • Can be used over epoxy-based moisture vapor control products
  • Single component - no mixing required
  • High solids content enables exceptional bond strengths
  • Easy to apply with broom or roller
  • Non-Porus Undiluted Coverage : 1400 to 2100 sqft
  • Porus : Dilution 1:3 (primer:water) 2100 to 4200 sqft
Collection Name TechPrime A
Liter (L) 13.24
Material Acrylic
Prosol Quantity per Skid 1
Prosol Quantity per pack 1
Quantity per Box 1
Quantity per Skid 1
U.S. Gallon 3.5
Volume (L) 13.2
Weight (kg) 18.59
Weight (lb) 41
Weight (lb) 41